This week has been downright hectic!

Between baking a million cookies, doctor’s appointments and entertaining quite a few guests; this girl is exhausted! While I would love to tell you that I am the ultimate foodie and prepare extravagant meals everyday all day – there are days that this simply cannot happen.

On days like today, everyone has their “go to” meal plan. Mine is Brinner!

I may not be one to eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast every morning but I am more than happy to devour breakfast for dinner any night of the week.

Take a look at my Brinner inspiration for today – who says breakfast can’t be a classy, beautiful feast?


Sweet Potato Hash with Feta and Poached Eggs


Source: The Nest

This arrangement of charming sweet potatoes, salty feta cheese and silky poached eggs transcends a classic Brazilian medley into beautiful plating praiseworthy of any dinner party.


Vegan Breakfast Skillet


Source: Heather Cristo

Breakfast does not always have to include bacon and eggs! This vegan skillet is vibrant with nutritious colors and offers a variation of melt in your mouth home fries.


English Fry


Source: Nicole Franzen

This is my ultimate go to meal! Spending much of my life overseas, I have become accustomed to this delectable comfort food also known as an English Fry!


Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict


Source: Tatyana’s Everyday Food

“ The made-from-scratch Hollandaise sauce is ridiculously delicious and worth the time making! Add a crispy, butter-toasted English muffin, smoked salmon, creamy avocado, fresh dill, capers and a poached egg – you’re all set for an amazing morning!”


Corned Beef Hash


Source: Taste of Home

Corned Beef Hash is a tried and true recipe that has been tested a hundred and one ways over the years. Who doesn’t love simple comfort food?





2 thoughts on “Bring On The Brinner!

  1. Definitely enjoy a good Brinner every once and again. The smoked salmon benny would be my favorite but since I’m horrible at making Hollandaise sauce I’d probably go to the English fry as a go-to. Thanks for sharing the recipes!


  2. I need the sweet potato hash, feta and poached eggs in my life. Damn that looks delicious!
    Ffi | The Essence Of Red


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